Boydell Genealogy



Tim Boydell catalogued almost everyone who had lived with the name Boydell.  Bill Dšscher converted the essential elements of TimÕs data into electronic format, and created the records that are published on this website.


Most of the people could be connected into  one ŌmainÕ tree.  Those that could not formed a number of smaller trees:

Stourbridge & Wrexham, Edward of Lowton, George of Stockport, James of Bethnal Green, James of Croft , John of Leeds, John of Newton Regis, John of Coventry, Richard , Ralph of Salford, Thomas of Winwick , Thomas of Walsall, William Boydle of Liverpool


Further genealogy and history at:

The  Boydell Family History Site , and

"A Millenium of Boydells" by Barbara Treacy ISBN 9781875495191


Wikipedia has 6 biographies of Boydells, including the erstwhile Lord Mayor of  London John Boydell   


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