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(18 events)

NSW New South Wales (18)

Barnsley (18)


(67 events)
Ontario Canada

YT Yukon Territory (66)

Wigan (66)


(1 events)

64 Pyrénées Atlantiques (1)

Gan (1)

United Kingdom

(137 events)

CHS Cheshire (1)

Macclesfield, Cheshire

DBY Derbyshire (1)

Chesterfield (1)

DOR Dorset (1)

Poole, Dorset

LAN Lancashire (107)

Bolton (103)Burnley (1)Chorley (2)Clitheroe (1)

NFK Norfolk (1)

Kings Lynn, Norfolk

NTH Northamptonshire (1)

Brixworth, Northamptonshire

NTT Nottinghamshire (1)

Southwell (1)

SOM Somerset (2)

Bath (1)Bridgewater, Somerset?

SYS South Yorkshire (18)

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

WAR Warwickshire (1)

Coventry, Warwickshire

WLN West lothian (1)

Linlithgow (1)

WRY West Yorkshire (2)

Barnsley, Yorkshire WestHemsworth, Yorkshire West Riding

United States of America

(15 events)

KS Kansas (12)

Croft (12)

NV Nevada (1)

Manchester North (1)

PR Puerto Rico (1)

Turton (1)

SC South Carolina (1)

Farnsworth (1)

undetermined places

175 Bury New rd, Tonge with Haulgh40 Rotton Row rd, Hindley, Lancs.98 St Georges rd, St Annes on Sea, Lanc.? All Saints: Hindley, Lancs.
? All Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.? l Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.? Preston & S Ribble, Lancs.? Prestwich, Lancs.
?All Saints: Hindley, Lancs.All Saints: HindleyAll Saints: Wigan, Lancs.
Ashton in Maker, Lancs.Aspull, Lancs.Back Garden st, Little Bolton, Lancs.Bickerstaffe, Lancs.
Birmingham, Lancs.Blackburn, Lancs.Bo'ness, ScotlandBoltin, Lancs.
Brook st., Hindley, Lancs.Bury, Lancs.ClitherceDade FL U.S.A.
Dean Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.Dean Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.Dean Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist.Dean churchyard: Farnworth, Lancs.
Deane Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.Deane Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.Deane Churchyard: Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.Deane Churchyard: Pocket, Rumworth, Lancs.
Deane, Great Bolton dist., Lancs.Doncaster, York?Eastwood Indep. Chapel: Todmorden, Lancs.Haigh, Lancs.
Haslingden, Lancs.Heaton: Bolton, Lancs.Hindley Parish ChurchHindley, Lancs.
Hindley: Lancs.Ince, Lancs.Ince: Lancs.Lancs.
Lea Green: Hindley, Lancs.Leigh, Lancs.Leigh: Lancs.Leigh
Macelesfield, Hindley, Lancs.near HaifaNewbrough, Lancs.Pendlebury, Lancs.
reg. office: Bolton, Lancs.register office: Bolton, Lancs.Risley, Lancs.Risley, Lancs
Rumworth, Lancs.Sedgefield, DurhamSouthport, Lancs.St George's rd, Little Bolton, Lancs.
St Luke: Bolton, Lancs.St Marys: Leigh, Lancs.St Oswald: Winwick parish, Lancs.St Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.
St Pauls: Deansgate, Lancs.St Peters: Hindley, Lancs.Strangways Hall Colliery: Hindley, Lancs.Tonge: Bolton, Lancs.
Torneley Hosp. Bolton Infirmary: Farnworth, Lancs.Union Workhouse: Bolton, Lancs.Wigan Parish ChurchWinwick parish, Lancs.
Winwick, Lancs.Wolstln, Warrington, Lancs.WWI 

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