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NamePlaceNumber of PeopleFirst DateLast Date
*Bolton, Lancs.118681930
Deane Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.119301930
Hindley: Lancs.119461946
Ince, Lancs.119461946
Macelesfield, Hindley, Lancs.118561914
Wigan, Lancs.318331911
Bickerstaffe, Lancs.118691869
Haigh, Lancs.118591859
AIREYregister office: Bolton, Lancs.118371882
ASHTONSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.1251706
All Saints: Wigan, Lancs.118151837
ASPEYAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118571857
? gan, Lancs.119061906
Aspull, Lancs.118361836
BANKSAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.218511864
Pendlebury, Lancs.118431843
Wigan, Lancs.119061906
Turton, Lancs.118291829
Hindley, Lancs.119061906
BELLBolton, Lancs.118371908
Dean Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.118591859
BERRYAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118431867
BLACKBORNSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.117561777
BOARDMANChorley, Lancs. ?119031969
Blackburn, Lancs.119201920
BOOTHSt Pauls: Deansgate, Lancs.118731873
Bolton, Lancs.118511851
BOYDELBolton, Lancs.618731983
Boltin, Lancs.119041904
Dade FL U.S.A.119911991
BOYDELL175 Bury New rd, Tonge with Haulgh118911891
40 Rotton Row rd, Hindley, Lancs.118781878
All Saints: Hindley, Lancs.2018261930
Hindley: Lancs.419041954
Ince: Lancs.119061906
Lea Green: Hindley, Lancs.118311831
Leigh, Lancs.519161989
Leigh: Lancs.119211921
near Haifa119151915
reg. office: Bolton, Lancs.118901890
register office: Bolton, Lancs.118821886
Risley, Lancs.1116991778
Risley, Lancs116751675
Rumworth, Lancs.218551867
Sedgefield, Durham118961896
St George's rd, Little Bolton, Lancs.118601860
St Luke: Bolton, Lancs.119141914
St Marys: Leigh, Lancs.118361836
St Oswald: Winwick parish, Lancs.417521819
St Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.7251784
St Pauls: Deansgate, Lancs.118731873
98 St Georges rd, St Annes on Sea, Lanc.119501950
St Peters: Hindley, Lancs.119421942
Strangways Hall Colliery: Hindley, Lancs.118551855
Tonge: Bolton, Lancs.318821924
Torneley Hosp. Bolton Infirmary: Farnworth, Lancs.119401940
Union Workhouse: Bolton, Lancs.118811881
Wigan Parish Church118491849
Winwick parish, Lancs.217471762
Winwick, Lancs.817531768
Barnsley, Yorkshire1019172002
? Wigan, Lancs. ?119141914
Wigan, Lancs.4018091957
? All Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118111811
Macclesfield, Cheshire119321932
Chesterfield , Yorkshire?119031903
Poole, Dorset119641964
? Bolton, Lancs.118471847
Bolton, Lancs.4518411984
Bolton, Over Hulton, Lancs.118391839
Rumworth, Bolton, Lancs.418661877
St Saviours: Deane rd, Bolton, Lancs.119171917
Towneleys Hospital, Bolton, Lancs.119241924
All Saints: Hindley218781911
All Saints: Wigan, Lancs.218081837
? All Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.318191841
Kings Lynn, Norfolk119941994
Brixworth, Northamptonshire119611961
Back Garden st, Little Bolton, Lancs.118621862
Bridgewater, Somerset?119711971
Barnsley, South Yorkshire1019021998
Barnsley, Yorkshire West119171917
Hemsworth, Yorkshire West Riding119541954
Croft, Lancs.917851833
Croft, Warrington, Lancs.118221822
Blackburn, Lancs.418941969
Farnsworth, Lancs.119691969
Brook st., Hindley, Lancs.118511851
Dean Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.218531859
Dean Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.118921892
Dean churchyard: Farnworth, Lancs.219401963
Deane Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.118881888
? l Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.118291829
Deane Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.818521937
? Preston & S Ribble, Lancs.119791979
Deane Churchyard: Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.218751890
Deane Churchyard: Pocket, Rumworth, Lancs.118751875
Deane, Great Bolton dist., Lancs.118411841
Doncaster, York?119251925
Eastwood Indep. Chapel: Todmorden, Lancs.119331933
Haslingden, Lancs.119401940
Heaton: Bolton, Lancs.618921984
? Prestwich, Lancs.119021902
Hindley Parish Church118501850
Hindley, Lancs.2718111903
CAINWigan, Lancs.119111932
Bury, Lancs.119331933
CARRAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118201845
CATTERALLAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118681868
Upholland, Wigan, Lancs.118341834
CLARKBarnsley, South Yorkshire119281983
CLARKESt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.117321753
COLESBarnsley, Yorkshire West119171917
DAINTETHSt Oswald: Winwick parish, Lancs.117271752
DEWHURSTSt Luke: Bolton, Lancs.119141914
Ontario Canada118871926
Bolton, Lancs.118711893
EDDENSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.117091733
FARNWORTHBolton, Lancs.118661866
Chorley, Lancs.118421842
Dean Churchyard, Pocket, Rumworth dist.118801880
FOGGWigan Parish Church118491849
Hindley, Wigan, Lancs.118491849
Wigan, Lancs.118281865
FORDAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.119141914
Ince, Lancs.119371937
Leigh, Lancs.118861886
HAIMESBarnsley, Yorkshire219261943
Barnsley, South Yorkshire119041925
HALSTEADBath, Avon, Somerset?119071995
Eastwood Indep. Chapel: Todmorden, Lancs.119331933
HEBSONAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.119031930
Manchester North, Lancs.119311931
HILTONregister office: Bolton, Lancs.118861886
Bolton, Lancs.119021902
Burnley, Lancs.118411841
Deane Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.119021902
HITCHENBarnsley, Yorkshire118901966
Wigan, Lancs.119141914
HOWARD? All Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.117951819
HOWARTHAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.119021902
HOWCROFT? All Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.118141841
KAYWigan, Lancs.118571881
KNOWLESTonge: Bolton, Lancs.118901890
Bolton, Lancs.118541890
LBOYDELL? Bolton, Lancs.118681868
Hindley, Lancs.118461846
LORDBolton, Lancs.118661929
Heaton: Bolton, Lancs.119291929
MARSDENBlackburn, Lancs.119211996
MOOREBarnsley, Yorkshire119391939
Wigan, Lancs.118851885
Hindley, Lancs.118631863
OAKESreg. office: Bolton, Lancs.118601890
OAKSAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118561882
OLDFIELDBlackburn, Lancs.118711894
OwenSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.117511773
PALMERBolton, Lancs.118981898
PARTINGTONAll Saints: Hindley118591878
PARTNGTONAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118861922
PERRY?Wigan, Lancs.118121812
PERRY? All Saints: Hindley, Lancs.117871811
Newbrough, Lancs.118071807
Deane Churchyard, Farnworth dist., Bolton, Lancs.118911891
PILKINGTONAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118661866
Wigan, Lancs.118661866
All Saints: Wigan, Lancs.118081808
Croft, Lancs.117881788
POLLITDean Church, Pocket, Rumworth dist., Lancs.118331853
PORTERSt Marys: Leigh, Lancs.118131836
POTTERAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118801880
Wigan, Lancs.118801880
Ashton in Maker, Lancs.118081808
? l Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.118291829
POWELLBolton, Lancs.119251925
Birmingham, Lancs.118541854
PURDIELinlithgow, Scotland119151915
Bo'ness, Scotland119421984
RONKSMANSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.12525
Wolstln, Warrington, Lancs.117011701
ROSTRONWigan, Lancs.118871912
ROTHWELLBolton, Lancs.119051997
SCOTSONWigan, Lancs.119081908
Coventry, Warwickshire118561926
SIMMAll Saints: Hindley, Lancs.118631886
SMETHURSTSt Peters: Hindley, Lancs.119421942
Wigan, Lancs.119531953
Bo'ness, Scotland119421976
Hindley, Lancs.218971922
SMITH? Bolton, Lancs.118441868
TABERNERWigan, Lancs.118761913
All Saints: Hindley119111911
THORNLEYBolton, Lancs.118331861
UNSWORTHSouthport, Lancs.118691895
Wigan, Lancs.119171917
WALLSHindley, Lancs.118331833
WEBSTERChesterfield , Yorkshire?119031903
Bolton, Lancs.218751975
St Saviours: Deane rd, Bolton, Lancs.119171917
WHITTLEHindley, Wigan, Lancs.118451845
WINSTANLEY? All Saints: Wigan parish, Lancs.118071836
WOODSt Oswalds: Winwick parish, Lancs.117841784
Hindley, Lancs.117611830


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